Public Lecture: Counting on Conservation

On the evening of Monday 2nd July, we are holding a 1-hour lecture, which is free and open to members of the public.


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Alison Johnston and Dr. Stacy DeRuiter to talk about their research, highlighting how statistics plays an important part in conservation efforts.  Please join us for an evening of engaging tales from on land and at sea, with our speakers talking about the threats faced by migrating birds and the effects of underwater sound on whale and dolphin behaviour. 


All ISEC delegates and their family and friends are welcome to attend.  This talk will not only introduce people to the role of statistics in conservation, but will also show effective science communication in action – so something for everyone!


The lecture will be held in the Booth lecture theatre in the School of Medicine (a 2-min walk away from the main conference venue) and will start at 18:15, straight after conference talks end for the day.