Bursaries: Developing Country Participation Grant

ISEC 2018 is committed to encouraging participation by scientists from countries where resources to support international conference attendance is inadequate or non-existent.  We therefore created a Developing Country Participation Grant, to help fund participation by a small number of scientists from these countries. We received 12 grant applications and were able to make 5 awards.  Short biographies of those funded are given below.  We thank the London Mathematical Society for their support, which formed part of the grant funding.


Simon Elwen is post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, working within Sea Search and the Namibian Dolphin Project.  Simon will give a talk at ISEC on “Boat avoidance as a source of capture heterogeneity in Heaviside’s dolphins (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii) in Namibia – a learned behaviour?”

Dominic Henry is a post-doctoral research fellow from the University of Capetown, South Africa. Dominic will be giving a talk at ISEC on “Using time-to-detection models to quantify biodiversity patterns across multiple taxa in a landscape threatened by shale gas development.”

Riki Herliansyah is a junior lecturer at the InstitutTeknologiKalimantan, Indonesia.  Riki will be giving a talk at ISEC on “Onthe similarities of generalized linear latent variable models andnmultivariate log-Gaussian Cox processes for multi-species modeling innecology.”

Chetri Madhu is Senior Conservation Officer at the National Trust for Nature Conservation-Manaslu Conservation Area Project, Nepal.  Chetri will give a talk at ISEC on “Addressing heterogeneity in snow leopard density within a large landscape in Nepal sampled using fecal DNA.”

Maputla Nakedi is a Senior Partnership Manager at the African Wildlife Foundation, Pretoria, South Africa.  Nakedi will give a talk at ISEC on “Species distribution modelling from a camera-trap survey of leopards in the Kruger National Park, using spatial capture-recapture methods.”