Family Friendly Conference

ISEC is supportive of those travelling with their family, young and older.  We have made some special arrangements for family members, as outlined below.  Please email us if you plan to bring family members along (and have not already told us), and if you have any additional thoughts or ideas about how we can help. You will find the email address at the bottom of this page.

Financial support

For those with costs associated with childcare during the conference (e.g., nursery or sports camp - see below), we have obtained funding from the London Mathematical Society that will cover at least some of these costs.  You will need to pay first and claim back afterwards. Please email us with relevant information in advance, and we can discuss the details.

Facebook group

We have created a "secret" (to protect privacy) facebook page for those coming with their families to share information and plans, if they wish.  Please email us or message us on facebook if you'd like to join.  We can also put you in email contact with others bringing families if you ask us.

Child-friendly talks

Participants are welcome to bring their children to the talks!  Please be sensitive and be ready to leave if they are making a disturbing amount of noise -- we will reserve seats close to the exits in each room for this purpose. We in turn pledge to be sensitive if they are not totally silent!   In addition, plenary talks will be streamed to a second room.

Breastfeeding/expressing room

We have arranged for a breastfeeding/expressing room (which has a sink, mirror, bottle sterilizer, fridge especially for keeping milk chilled, and reclining (hospital style) bed.  Please let us know if you'd like to use it so we can gauge need - and also show you where it is when you register.  We do not currently have a bottle warmer or diaper/nappy changing station in the room - email us in advance if you need these and we'll get them.

Older kids

We are putting together a list and map of family activities, which will be available at registration and at this link.



We have reserved a limited number of spaces at a local nursery, Roseangle House.  This is a private nursery offering childcare to children from newborn to five years.  It is open Monday - Friday between the hours of 0730 - 1830 and is overlooks East Sands beach, just under two miles form the conference venue.  They have friendly, child centered staff who involve the children in their own learning, acknowledging and acting on the individual child's opinions and interests with outdoor play being a key focus.

Full day and half day childcare is available and the prices vary depending your requirements and on the age of the child.  To avoid disappointment, early booking is highly recommended.  For further information or to book, please contact Roseangle House Nursery either by phone (+44 1334 460606) or via email (

We should be able to reimburse you the nursery costs - please email us as soon as possible if you have booked a place.

Because the nursery is a fair walk (around 30 mins) away from the conference venue, we have also arranged to provide a free taxi service to and from the nursery - please email us if you would like to use this as we need to book it.




Junior Saints


The Junior Saints summer programme offers a wide variety of fun activities for children lead by qualified coaches. It is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 0900 - 1700.  It is situated within the University of St Andrews Sports Centre, approximately half a mile away from the conference venue.  There are a variety of different sports and activities on offer for children between the ages of three and eleven years including football, rugby, tennis, gymnastics, basketball and many more.

Full day and half day options are available. For further information or to book, please contact Gary Brankin either by phone (+44 1334 462012) or via email (

We should be able to reimburse you the costs - please email us soon as possible if you have booked a place.