Travelling to St Andrews

Travelling to St Andrews from Edinburgh Airport

You can reach St Andrews by bus from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews Bus Station . You will need to change buses once and the driver will be able to advise you when you need to change. St Andrews bus station is about 10 minutes walk from Agnes Blackadder Hall (Ref 4, D3/E3), if this is where you are staying. 

A useful link to help plan your journey is 

There are also a number of shared taxi services, for example,  

How do I get to St Andrews from Leuchars train station? 

To get to St Andrews from Leuchars train station you can either catch a bus to St Andrews bus station (Ref 21 H2) or a taxi. The bus stop and taxi rank are at the entrance to the train station.  

I am travelling by car; is there parking nearby?  

Free parking is available close to the MBS building (Ref 17 F2) at Petheram Bridge car park (F2/G2) which is located at the entrance to the North Haugh campus. Parking is available at Agnes Blackadder Hall (Ref 4 D3/E3) for those staying there.